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Communication tools

Easily keep families and educators up to date and engage in rewarding two-way discussions.

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Document learning

Simple, powerful tools enable you to capture children’s learning as it happens.

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Record daily routines

Record and share children’s feeding, sleeping, toileting, sunscreen and more with parents.

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Planning, your way

A flexible tool for all your program planning needs. Straightforward templates help you to meet requirements, involve parents, and plan ahead.

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Reports and monitoring

Track each child’s learning journey, notice emerging trends and compare curriculum use over time.

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Profiles that travel

Everything needed to create meaningful digital portfolios for your families, and support a continuous, cohesive learning journey for every child.

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Embed your curriculum

Make meaningful links to your local curriculum and philosophies, engaging families and community.

Further products and services

Looking for something more? Check out Storypark’s other products and features.

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Network features

Designed with multi-site programs in mind, making it easy to ensure quality practice and brand standard across services.

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Educator Portfolios

Nurture professional growth and support educators to work closely with their managers, mentors and peers.

Storypark Insights

A suite of self service dashboards tailored to the needs of ECE leaders who want to make data driven decisions.

Seamless across platforms

Storypark supports the way you work.

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Educators app

Record and communicate learning as it happens, so you can pick up your work from anywhere.

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Families app

Helps parents and extended family engage in their child’s progress and revisit treasured memories.

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Access the website on any device

Carry on with work you started on the app or start anew from any device.

With educators in mind

We’ve also paid careful attention to the way your data is stored and what you need to do with it.

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Privacy and safety

Storypark is committed to the rights and safety of every child. Working alongside security experts and early childhood specialists, we honor the information we’re entrusted with.

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Unlimited storage

Rich documentation means no limits, so Storypark’s cloud-based software has no constraints on file size or quantity. What you want to post, when you want it!

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Support and training

Our team is here to help on every step of your journey with dedicated setup and onboarding, advanced educator training, and prioritized customer care.

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Archived profiles

Compliance is easy with profiles you can retain access to - even after children have left your service.