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Child plans

Create plans for each child, link their documentation and goals and have them accessible from their profile. Choose to share with parents or just between educators.

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A template to suit everyone

Templates make planning easy and time-effective. No need to start from scratch if you use a particular type plan all the time, set up a template for all educators at your service to use.

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Storypark planning screenshot

Sharing is caring

Choose who to collaborate with by giving them access to your plans - all or some educators, and even a child’s parents can get involved for richer feedback loops.


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Bring together your work across Storypark by linking it to your plans. Show a child’s progression towards their goals or evidence for your own professional development.

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Storypark planning screenshot
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Educator Portfolio plans

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Flexible spaces where you can:

  • Set, plan and work towards your goals and inquiry.

  • Work with mentors and managers towards your appraisal or accreditation/registration.

  • Keep records of your professional development.

  • Save evidence and reflections against your goals and teaching standards.

A plan for every situation

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Infants Daily Schedule

Providing a daily timetable schedule that you can adapt to ensure your center or room program incorporates all required and valued routines.

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Weekly Program Plan for Infants

Incorporate curriculum areas to support your center’s planning. Enabling you to link documentation, photos, resources and comments to your weekly plans.

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Individual child’s plan

A plan and record for individual children. This plan supports parents to share their knowledge of and aspirations for their child. While incorporating your center's recording of the child’s emerging interests and learning, and educators’ plans to support and extend on this.

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Documenting Learning

Connecting and incorporating the foundations and goals of How Does Learning Happen? and your program planning to support environments and experiences that are meaningful for children.